Elevating Youth Voice Sign Up 2018-2019
DEADLINE: July 24, 2018

Youth are often talked about, not talked with. Let's change that.

The Elevating Youth Voice program is designed to reimagine the role students play in their organizations and schools through equipping both youth and adults with the skills, mindsets, and structures needed to partner with one another in improving outcomes and processes.

Specifically, this year-long program:

- Activates and equips youth through training and hands-on experiences, preparing them to emerge as leaders in their schools and programs;
- Supports program leaders with best practices and training to build strong, sustainable partnerships with youth so that organizations can become more inclusive, youth-led, and ultimately more effective;
- Builds a citywide network of youth and adult partnerships that continues to carve out more space for youth leadership.


Youth will:
- Attend semi-monthly youth-only sessions;
- Attend two youth-adult partner summits per year;
- Conduct regular check ins with their peers, program leaders, and others;
- Communicate between sessions.

Staff will:
- Attend three adult partner sessions per year;
- Attend two youth-adult partner summits per year
- Conduct regular check ins with youth, organizational leadership, and other stakeholders as needed;
- Communicate between sessions.

Youth will also receive a $300 stipend.

Please complete the following form to sign up a program leader and 2-3 students up to participate in the SSN Elevating Youth Program. Students must also fill out an application at: https://goo.gl/forms/E9GkHATJUUMiYn5d2. We recommend 2-3 students participate so that they can support one another in work at organization.

Reach out to sooah@ssn-nyc.org with any questions or concerns.

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