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Not all reviews are accepted for publication on The Intrepid Reader blog. The TDRL staff will review all submittals. Reviews with excessive grammatical errors or typos will be asked to be rewritten and resubmitted. The TDRL reserves the right to edit for clarity at our discretion.

While critique is permitted, we post only positive reviews. The purpose of the Intrepid Reader is to share quality resources with our library users. If reviewers cannot in good conscience recommend a book, please choose another book for review.

• Review of a book from the TDRL collection.
• Books must have been published in the past five years.
• 200 – 250 words in length.
• Positive; don’t write a review for a book you wouldn’t recommend.
• Include a brief summary without spoilers, a critical analysis of the book, and the recommended use.

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Reviews should be between 200-250 words and include:

A brief summary of the plot/content - no spoilers.
Critical analysis about the quality of the book - Why is it worth recommending?
Recommended Use - Who would enjoy this book and why? Or who would find it useful and why?

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