Combat Feedback
Over the past two years we have heard a fair number of complaints about "combat" in Shroud of the Avatar. Sadly those usually come in the form of very general complaints that don't give enough information for us to understand how to improve combat. In an effort to better understand the actual problem, we have created the following questionnaire.

This form intentionally will not track usernames as we want to invite players to be as open and forthcoming as possible.

This will likely be the first of many questionnaires as we try to dig into player concerns on combat and other systems.

NOTE: Question order is randomized.

How important is the multiplayer component of the game to you?
Not at all important
Very important
How important is PVP to you
Not at all important
Very important
How long have you been following Shroud of the Avatar?
How long have you been playing Shroud of the Avatar?
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