VanCAF 2019 - Call for Programming
Thank you for your interest in suggesting a program for VanCAF 2019! Our programming will include panels, lectures, readings, workshops, interviews, and more. You can suggest something you want to participate in, or just something you want to see, or you can just volunteer yourself as a moderator!

VanCAF has three different streams of programming including:

General Programming (Saturday & Sunday)
Kids Comic Lessons (Saturday & Sunday)
Offsite Programming (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

If you have ideas for this year, please send them to us via this form by Monday April 14th, 2019.

Thanks for participating!

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It is probably best to limit any descriptions here to a title, and three sentences. Feel free to say something less specific though, for example, "I would be willing to be on any interesting panels and I can talk about topics X, Y, and Z" or (the somewhat fraught-with-danger option) "I am willing to do anything!" (Moderators: Tell us your areas of expertise.)
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Please name possible participants for this panel. If you have already contacted them about being on this panel, please let us know that as well!
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Date Restrictions
When can you do this program? VanCAF's main days are Saturday May 18 and Sunday May 19. Will you not be in town on Friday or Saturday? Do you only leave the house at night? These are things you should tell us.
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