Survey: how do you write your stories?
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What methods of storytelling do you use? *
Which storytelling theory authors do you take inspiration from? *
What storytelling concepts do you use? *
How do you develop a story? What are you starting from? *
How do you make your story outline? *
Do you use a paper cards system, a chalkboard display or any similar tool? (if so, can you post a pic to show what it looks like?) *
Do you use some specialized storytelling softwares and if so, which ones and what do you think of them? *
Do you do a general chronology and / or a chronology of the narration? *
How do you convert the plan, the outline, into the final work/text? *
What concepts, tools or methods do you use to build your characters and their relationships? *
How do you manage the space of the fiction? do you make plans, maps, lists of places? *
How do you build the thematic universe of a story? *
Do you do documentary research before writing, to give you material? If so, how, with what tools? *
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