FPC Event / Activity Planning Form
In our effort to provide efficient communication, please fill out and submit this form, if you have an event or activity coming up that you:

1) would like to host at FPC, and/or
2) would like the church office to help publicize.

NOTE: For planning purposes, it is most helpful to have events and activities on the church calendar at least ONE MONTH prior to the event date.

For building use - We will accommodate your request to the best of our abilities based on room and resource availability. You will receive an email or phone call within 1 week of the submission of your form to confirm your event details. All questions about building use should be directed to the Administrative Assistant.

For publication - The office will still publicize events that are taking place in less than one month's time, however to get optimal coverage and participation, one month out is best. All questions about publications should be directed to the Publications Specialist.

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Coordinator Name: *
Coordinator Email Address: *
Coordinator Phone Number: *
Event/Activity Name: *
Briefly Describe the Event/Activity: *
Is this a one-time, or recurring event? *
Approximate # of Attendees: *
Event/Activity Start Date & Time: *
When does the event begin?
Event/Activity End Date & Time: *
When does the event end?
Event/Activity Setup Date & Time: *
When will the first person arrive to setup for the event?
Event/Activity Cleanup Date & Time: *
When do you anticipate the last person leaving after cleaning up after the event?
Event/Activity Location: *
If the event will be held off-site, please indicate the name and address of the location in "Other".
Room Reservation: *
If the event will be held at FPC, please indicate which room you desire to reserve. If you desire to use the Kitchen, please fill-out the next section.
Room Reservation Set-Up Date & Time:
When do you need the room to be set-up by?
Room Reservation Supplies:
Please list any supplies or set-up needed (with quantities). Example: 25 chairs set up in a circle; Two 8-ft tables pushed together in the middle of the room; TV with DVD player; extension cords; newsprint; markers; etc.
If you plan on reserving the FPC Kitchen, please answer the following questions. If you do not plan to use the kitchen, please move to the next section.
Kitchen Reservation Start Time:
What time do you need to get in the Kitchen to set-up? Please note: The kitchen is normally locked. If you would like to utilize the Kitchen for your event/activity, what time does your group need it open for preparations?
Kitchen Reservation End Time:
What time do you plan on being done with the Kitchen, including clean-up time?
Trained Kitchen Contact:
If your group would like to utilize the FPC Kitchen for your event, someone from your group will need to be present and trained by FPC. There will be no use unless a trained person is present. Is someone from your group already trained?"
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If yes, please print the name of your Trained Kitchen Contact here:
If you would like the church to help you publicize for your event, the following options may be appropriate: *
Please contact the Publications Specialist if you have any questions or would like to further discuss how to publicize for your event. Reminder: Profiles submissions are due the 15th of the month prior. Bulletin submissions are due the Tuesday of the week prior.
When would you like to publicize your event?:
For example: “Profiles - one month prior to event, and month of event”, “Bulletin – three weeks prior to RSVP date,” etc. If publicity is not needed for you, please write "N/A" below.
Please provide the specific wording or images that you would like to use to publicize for your event:
If publicity is not needed for you, please write "N/A" below.
Additional Promo Details:
Please include further specific instructions regarding your publications projects, if any:
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