Cody Rouge & Warrendale Potential Projects Suggestion Sheet: Overall Priorities
The Detroit Planning & Development Department is working with community organizations and residents to create a Cody Rouge & Warrendale Neighborhood Framework to improve the area's streets, houses and apartments, shopping streets, parks, and more. Since January 2019, we have met with many residents to share views about what is good and bad in the neighborhood and what public projects the city government and others should pursue. We now need your guidance and support to make the plan into reality!

—Check out the Neighborhood Framework potential projects & tell your family, neighbors & friends.
—Share feedback & ideas by email, text, or filling out this suggestion sheet.
—Thank you & here’s to a clean, safe & fun Cody Rouge & Warrendale for young people & all residents

The introduction is below, with the first project and questions in the next section.
Overall, which of these projects are the priority for you? Why?
Overall, what projects are the lowest priority to you? Why?
Anything else the project team should know?
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