Tyrone PD 2017 Feedback Survey
Please complete our survey and tell us how we're doing!
Have you personally had an encounter with one or more of our officers in the past 12 months? *
If Yes, what lead to your most recent encounter with our agency?
If Other, please specify:
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Did we respond to your call in a timely manner? *
Was/Were the officer(s) you encountered courteous and professional? *
If the officer was not courteous and professional, please provide more detail:
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Was/Were the officer(s) helpful? *
If the officer(s) wasn't helpful, please explain:
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If you were the victim of a crime, did the officer provide you with information about available victim services? *
How would you rate your overall experience? *
If you gave a rating of 1 or 2 above, what could we have done differently?
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If you were the victim of a crime, was your case assigned to a detective? *
If your case was assigned to a detective, did you receive an initial contact call from them within 3 business days from the date of the crime? *
Was your detective professional and courteous? *
If your detective was not professional and courteous, please explain:
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How safe do you feel in Tyrone? *
Very Unsafe
Very Safe
If you rated your perception of safety a 1 or 2, please explain.
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How concerned are you with the following in Tyrone? *
Very Concerned
Property Crime
Violent Crime
Hate Crime
Racial Tension
Speeding Cars/Aggressive Drivers
If you have a concern not listed above, please tell us about it here.
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How do you rate the Tyrone Police Department in the following areas? *
Enforcing the law
Preventing Crime
Traffic Safety
Friendliness/Approachability of Officers
Police Presence in Neighborhoods
Police Presence in Business Areas
Overall Officer Visibility
Social Media/Information Sharing
Additional Comments
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