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Whether you're buying gifts for yourself or for your loved ones (encouraged), you've come to the right place! We've got our fun card game, TO SAY OR NOT THOSAI, and enamel pins in two designs!

Use this form to inFORM us what you would like to get, and we will send you an email with the payment info, inclusive of delivery fee. You can then make a bank transfer/PayNow to confirm your order and we'll handle the rest. We know, so easy right?? Go go go!

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TO SAY OR NOT THOSAI: A category game with a tasty twist! How many items can you name in any category? Challenge your friends and collect thosai in this fun new card game for the hungry Singaporean! Learn how to play at S$18/deck of cards
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BEER LADY ENAMEL PIN: Get your hands on our adorable new enamel pins! This is Nancy. She likes beer. She especially likes young men who drink her beer. Order her beer at your own risk. S$5/pin
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TEH TARIK MAN ENAMEL PIN: Get your hands on our adorable new enamel pins! This is Akram. Akram makes the best teh tarik in town (debatable). Just don’t let him hear you talk about that OTHER teh tarik man, or he will properly tarik your face! $5/pin
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HAWKER BUNDLE: Get all three items for a promotional price of $25!
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