The War of 1812 Quiz
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1. Which of the following men were President of the United States during the War of 1812? *
2. During the War of 1812, the United States was fighting which of the countries below? *
3. Which of the following was the greatest cause of the War of 1812? *
4. Which of the following best describes the members of Congress that wanted to wage the War of 1812? *
5. At the start of the War of 1812, the United States invaded which of the territories below that at the time was controlled by England? *
6. Which of the following was the most famous American warship during the War of 1812? *
7. Which of the following American commanders below was victorious at the Battle of Lake Erie? *
8. The Battle of Lake Erie was fought near which of the following locations? *
9. During the War of 1812 what happened to the city of Washington D.C. *
10. First Lady Dolly Madison is famous during the War of 1812 for doing which of the following? *
11. What was the name of the fort that bravely defended Baltimore harbor during the War of 1812? *
12. Which of the following famous poems, now our national anthem, was written during the Battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore? *
13. Which of the following individuals below wrote our national anthem mentioned above in question #12? *
14. Which of the following treaties ended the War of 1812? *
15. Which of the battles below was the largest American victory during the War of 1812? *
16. Which of the American commanders below became famous for winning the battle named in #15? *
17. Essay Question: Please write a paragraph answering the following question: *
Identify and explain the causes of the War of 1812.
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