The International Academic & Professional Community Demands Action for the Amazon! An Open Letter to the United Nations
As academics, students, researchers, scientists and professionals in the United States, it is our responsibility to bring attention to the global threats posed by the burning of Amazon rainforest, death of the indigenous population, and dismissal by the Brazilian President of international environmental commitments. This is an open invitation to all academics from all nationalities in the U.S. to take action.

We propose that the academic and professional community submit a strong Open Letter to the United Nations Secretary-General and National Delegations present at the 2019 UN Climate Summit (, demanding specific actions to help preserve the Amazon basin, protect its peoples and resources, and hold the Bolsonaro government responsible for its actions and inactions that are accelerating our path towards an irreversible climate crisis.

read it,
sign it,
and distribute to your network!

The final version, with citations, can also be found here:

We hope to collect as many signatures as possible by September 24th, but will likely keep the letter open for additional signatures, to be delivered at a later date to the Secretary General's office.


US Network for Democracy in Brazil
Socio-environmental Working Group

Leonel Lima Ponce
Academic Coordinator, Pratt Institute MS in Sustainable Environmental Systems

Luísa da Matta Machado Fernandes
DrPH Candidate, SUNY Albany, and Adjunct Professor, SAGE College of Alban
The Amazon rainforest is burning!
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