Phase 2 - COVID-19 Conduct Contract
Everyone who comes to the Kenora Rowing Club must read and sign this document and be ready and equipped to fully abide by its provisions. This documents is for Phase 2 of KRC's opening which includes changes for permitting doubles/pairs to row and increasing the maximum number allowed in the club at any given time. Reservations, pre-screening, distancing, and cleaning procedures remain in effect.

As a member of the club, I agree to the following to help ensure the health and safety of everyone associated with the club.
In this second phase of opening, I will only come to the Club for my reserved time slots and only after completing the COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire that day. *
Self-assessment questionnaire available at
I will not, under any circumstances, come to the Club if I have any symptoms of COVID-19, am awaiting a COVID-19 test result, or if anyone I am living with or in close contact with has such symptoms. *
If you have a condition whereby you are immunosuppressed, are in the vulnerable age group or have a chronic illness, you confirm that you have consulted with your physician or public health resources to help you decide if you should come to the Club.
When at the club, I agree to abide by all government mandated physical distancing measures such as maintaining 2m from others and group size limits. I recognize that physical distancing is the greatest tool to keep everyone safe. *
During Phase 2 the only boats permitted on the water are singles and doubles/pairs (with a commitment to row consistently with the same partner who is considered as part of your "bubble").
I agree to sanitation measures of bringing hand sanitizer and using supplies to both CLEAN and DISINFECT rowing shells, oars, and any other surfaces I touch. *
You MUST sanitize your hands before handling the equipment and disinfect the oar handles and seated area in the shell BEFORE and AFTER use. KRC will have some supplies on hand but members are encouraged to bring their own as well.
I will carry a face mask with me and if at risk of becoming nearer than 2m to someone, I will ensure my face mask is worn over both mouth and nose. *
Only TWO people are permitted to be in the boathouse at a time. Ideally in separate bays. If more than TWO are in the boathouse, you are to wait until they exit in order to enter.
I will recognize and respect the closure of areas of the boat house and traffic flow throughout the property and will abide by these restrictions. *
The ergs are NOT to be used. The lockers and clubroom/kitchen are NOT available for use. Do NOT use the trash receptacles - except for discarded cleaning supplies, take your trash with you. Do NOT use the restroom unless absolutely necessary (emergency) – disinfect all surfaces after use (toilet, sink, door handle, etc.).
I will watch for and follow signage and other directives as the situation evolves from the Club staff and Directors and stay current with the situation and directives and abide by all the COVID-19 safety protocols in addition to the ongoing club policies and expectations. *
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