Registration form for 'Youth and Truth-Unplug with Sadhguru'
“Youth are natural seekers of truth. Time to empower them with the needed clarity, commitment and courage to find their truth.” —Sadhguru

On September 20, 2018, the IIT Bombay will commence the journey of ‘Youth and Truth’-a national movement to help youth discover their true potential started by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

How could we not be delighted to have him with us? He is an avid motorcyclist, golfer, aviator, skydiver, certified scuba diver, prolific architect, poet, best-selling author and above all a profound mystic. His relentless pursuit of what he takes up is an inspiration for us all. Sadhguru does not offer advice, morals, teachings or instructions. Instead, Sadhguru’s phenomenal clarity gets to the core of any matter and opens up the truth behind it. His ability to “tell it like it is” is without parallel, what he speaks is spot on.

On September 20, 2018, IIT Bombay will play host to the conversation that unravels the truth. At the grand stage, we invite you to join us in challenging beliefs and rediscovering the meaning of life and truth itself.

Register yourself via this form to be part of the beginning of a wonderful journey of truth!

Some general notes for the process:

A few things to note about the registration process-

1. This event is open to students & faculty of IIT Bombay and students of all other colleges/institutes
2. We would be sending a confirmation mail regarding your registration status.
3. Entry will be on valid student ID only
4. Seating will be on first come, first serve basis

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