Season 11 Registration
Use this form to register for our Season 11 - 2020/2021 dance season! Classes run in six week payments, cost is beside each class. Classes run from September - June, broken up into five payment sessions. Ages are a loose recommendation for levels, and also based on experience and skill. All inclusive; pay $315 every payment period and your dancer can take as many classes as they like. All classes are co-ed unless otherwise stated, with nine students maximum per class; once we reach this limit you will be placed on a wait list and contacted if a space opens up. Please wait to receive confirmation email before sending in payment for Session 1, beginning September 1st with Session 2 beginning Oct 13th.

Masks are required upon entry to the building, in the stairwell, wait room, dressing room, bathrooms and hallways. Once inside the dance space, masks can be removed but if your family chooses to keep wearing it, please feel free to do so. All garbage must be taken back home with you. Please have your dancer place their outdoor footwear in the shelving provided. We will be practicing social distancing in all of our classes and following our own best practices to keep the dance space clean and disinfected. Signs have been placed throughout the building reminding dancers of our rules. Indoor sneakers are required for hip hop and you will need to purchase your own tap shoes for tap classes this year. Turners, ballet slippers and bodysuits, tights and skirts will be available for purchase for all other classes.

If you, or your dancer, exhibits any symptoms or are feeling ill, please keep your dancer home. We are trying to create a safe and healthy space for everyone, and we all need to do our part and support one another!

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Are they a part of our Christmas Spectacular this year? Practices will be on Thursdays from 5-8pm, and some Saturdays 4-6pm, schedules will be emailed out (Auditions were in June) $100 +tax *
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Once this form is submitted, and you have received a confirmation email from us confirming your placement, please forward payment to Note that credits for missed classes due to Covid-19 can be applied to this season if available. If you are unsure about credits available, please email us!

Please note:
-If you or your dancer is sick, exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, or have come into contact with someone who has Covid-19, you will not be permitted into the studio.
-Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before their class, and ensure they are picked up immediately after their class ends.
-Students must sanitize their hands upon entering the studio.
-Footwear must be placed in the shelved provided and not left on the floor.
-Students should arrive in their dance clothes, or underneath their street clothes that can be placed in their bag, alongside their shoes upon arrival.
-Students must observe physical distancing of 6ft. Markings have been placed on the floor for guidance, and class sizes will be limited.
-All garbage must be taken back home with them.
-Masks are to be worn upon entering the building, in stairwell and hallway, wait room, dressing room and bathroom. Masks can be removed upon entering the dance space, if they so choose to do so.
-We will be disinfecting high touch surfaces between classes.
-Bathrooms will be sanitized more frequently and washing hands in mandatory after each use.
-Tap shoes can no longer be provided, please bring your own.
-Signs have been posted throughout the studio reminding students of our new protocols.
I have read the above protocols and certify that I, and my dancer will comply *
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