Christmas Tree Lot Donation Form
This special area at the 2019 SL Christmas Expo features Christmas Trees & Wreaths for sale from American Cancer Society Christmas Vendors with 100% proceeds going to support Childhood Cancer, specifically in 2019 to the ACS VR Goggle Program for Pediatric Patients.

- Trees & Wreaths for the Christmas Tree lot should be an exclusive tree / wreath or a special tree / wreath for the SL Christmas Expo (not sold anywhere prior to the expo, can only be sold in the ACS Christmas Vendors during the Expo dates, but can be sold after the Expo wherever you like)

- Prim allowance is 50 prims (due to display purposes)

- You will be given a Christmas Expo ACS vendor to place the tree / wreath in for sale.

- Our support team will be happy to assist you in setting up the vendor if needed

- 100% of the sale of the Christmas tree/wreath goes to the American Cancer Society and Childhood Cancer

- You will be required to place a display model in the Christmas Tree / Wreath Lot

- You may be required to join our SL Christmas Expo group to rez your Christmas Expo vendor and the display tree.

- Alternatively, you can provide a copy & transfer tree to our Christmas Tree / Wreath Lot Coordinator to place out at the Expo Tree Lot. We will make the tree / wreath no copy before placing it in the vendor or on display.

- We will require a full permission logo for your store & landmark, if applicable.

- We will require a full permission picture of the tree / wreath for advertising purposes

If you wish to place the Tree / Wreath ACS Christmas Vendor out for sale at your place of business, you are welcome to do so. We ask you to please place out the SL Christmas Expo signage, supplied with the Vendor, beside or near the Vendor in your main store. Vendors are to remain out at your business from December 5 - 15, 2019. All Trees for sale at your main store location, MUST be in a ACS Christmas Vendor and MUST be on display at the Christmas Expo Tree Lot.


All trees will be placed at the SL Christmas Expo between December 1 - 3, 2019.

Please complete a separate form for each tree and/or wreath you will be donating or indicated in the notes if you are providing more than one and what type of each. ie: I will do 2 trees I will do 1 tree & 1 wreath.

We will be in touch shortly after receiving your application to confirm receipt and provide additional information.

Thank you for your support of the The American Cancer Society

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Will you be sending us the tree or will you need a vendor and group invitation sent to you? *
If you send us the tree, please send it copy/ transfer, so we may place it out. We will make the tree no copy before placing it out.
Will you be placing additional RFL Tree / Wreath Vendors at your place of business? *
You must have a vendor out at the Christmas Expo Tree Lot as well.
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