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As we mentioned earlier a big part of this series is YOU. We want you, the readers, to shape the learning that occurs. All of our blogs will have an interactive section. Some will have quizzes and some will have games you can play. In the first one we just want to get your frank and honest opinion on some basic premises of this series. This will help us fine-tune the delivery of the later blogs. We also have an option for you to "subscribe" to the blog series if you want to, and ask for more materials beyond what we present in the blog.

The responses, of course, are anonymous. You can see the summary once you click submit

Free web based technical learning is NOT a viable option for busy professionals *
For example the quality of information presented on a free forum may be questionable, or self paced learning may get postponed because of other priorities.
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IT specialists and data scientists should do the "tech" part (get the data and summarize it) of a task. I do not need tech knowledge to do my job *
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