Surgery Readiness Self-Assessment
How prepared are you for your surgery? If you answer "No" to more than 2 questions, you would benefit from a consultation from our team. Patients who are prepared are shown to have better outcomes after surgery. Get a headstart on your healing and schedule an appointment with our team today.
Do you have someone lined up to get groceries for you for 3-4 weeks after surgery? *
Do you know what some of your movement limitations might be after surgery? *
Do you know you what foods or substances can help or hurt your ability to heal? *
Do you know what types of equipment you will need after surgery? Have you installed and practiced using them? *
Do you know 2-3 strategies to manage your pain after surgery? *
If you have stairs into your house or inside your house, do you know how you will go up and down them without reinjuring yourself? *
Can you stand up without holding on to anything? *
Do you have a plan on how you are going to take care of your basic needs after surgery (i.e. showering, using bathroom, getting dressed)? *
Do you have a plan for pets or kids that you are responsible for? *
Do you know how to safely get in/out of the car that is picking you up from surgery? *
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