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South Baltimore Little League is run strictly by volunteers. Each team needs 1 manager and 2 coaches. Little League defines them as Manger and Coach. We have added a back up coach to help out when a coach can't make a game. Having coaches in place before our registration ends is extremely important! Without coaches we can not get the season started.

Managers are coaches but they draft teams. Managers and coaches attend skills evaluations (minor and majors divisions only) held in March. Managers and coaches are expected to prep fields, attend games and schedule practices with teams. We ask that you attend the comfort care class held in March as well. There will be clinics offered for coaches and we ask you attend our monthly meetings when your schedule allows.

If you would like to volunteer to help with your child's team please fill out the survey below. Or if you don't have a child in our league but still want to volunteer that is okay! All volunteers will be sent a background check link. All managers need to be approved by the board. This form must be filled out online and we never see the inputted details.

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