2020 Board Membership Application
Cicero Little League has board membership vacancies to fill for the 2019 season. If you are interested in applying to the board, please read through our volunteer expectations below and then complete the application. New members are voted on by existing board members in the Fall, and appointment of every applicant is not guaranteed.


As a board member you represent the Cicero Little League’s best interests first. The priorities of Cicero Little League come before your own children as players, the team you coach, or the game your player is about to play. Specific examples might be prepping other fields instead of warming up your team pre-game, or making sure concessions is operating instead of watching your own child play.

As a board member you represent the interests of the entire body of Cicero Little League participants. This includes baseball, softball and T-Ball. No board member, regardless of title, represents the only the interests of a single division of players.

As a board member you agree to be a good public steward of Cicero Little League, its board members, players, parents and the community. Within these contexts you will represent the will of the League over your personal ideology. To clarify: Opposing viewpoints are welcome and encouraged in private, but we must always show solidarity in public. Public display of division, or activities which incite division among our ranks will not be tolerated. Period.

Being a board member implies you will hold a position with title, such as Secretary, Concessions Stand Coordinator, VP of Softball, etc… and you will execute the responsibilities of that position, including organizing and running committees and recruiting volunteers as appropriate. In cases of some titles you will be responsible for reports at board meetings.

A board member position is a leadership position. You will have an active role in the operational decision-making and strategic, long-term planning of Cicero Little League. This includes monthly 2-hour board meetings, executive board meetings, committee participation, and non-meeting conversations through Slack, email or some other asynchronous means.

As a board member you can expect to be on call during busy season which is March through July. Consider it a 5-10 hour per week commitment. As a general guideline you can expect to be at Central Park at least one day per week when your child is not playing.
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