2018 Aspire Award Nomination Form
The Aspire Award is presented by Sunbeam Family Services to an individual within Oklahoma who, through their personal and/or professional endeavors, has made significant contributions to our organization. To be selected for this prestigious award, the recipient must:

a. contribute remarkable community or humanitarian service that has made a difference to the well being of children, families or seniors;

b. have a positive impact on the community and model a life that others “aspire” to;

c. currently or previously support the work of Sunbeam Family Services through time or financial contributions;

d. not currently serve as a Sunbeam Family Services board member.

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The person who is making the nomination.
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Nominee's Information
The person you believe deserves the award.
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Nominee's Qualifications
Describe why this person deserves the Aspire Award.
Please give specific examples of how the nominee's community and/or humanitarian service efforts have made a positive impact on the well being of children, families, or senior citizens. *
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Please describe the ways the nominee models in their professional, personal, and community pursuits a life for others to aspire to. *
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Please describe the work of the nominee that mirrors the mission of Sunbeam Family Services: "Our mission is to provide help, hope and opportunity to people of all ages through early childhood education, foster care, counseling and senior services." *
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In what way has the nominee supported Sunbeam Family Services, either currently or in the past? *
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Please describe any other community service work or attributes that you feel makes this nominee qualified for the Aspire Award. *
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