Magic City Brigade - Complaint/Grievance Submission Form
Current Magic City Brigade members can use this form to lodge complaints and/or grievances against fellow members if they consider them to have broken the Code of Conduct. Please consult the "Magic City Brigade Grievance Policy and Procedural Manual" for full details on how the grievance process works. The Chair of the Grievance Committee will contact you if further information is needed, particularly in the case of a grievance.
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This is needed to verify you are a current member. You will remain anonymous in the case of a complaint, but anonymity may not be possible if you are lodging a grievance, due to the need for the Grievance Committee to fully investigate the incident(s) you describe below.
Are you lodging a complaint or grievance? *
Please note: a complaint is a non-actionable issue brought against another member that will be recorded without further action take. A grievance is an offense serious enough that you believe action should be taken against the named member, according to the Magic City Brigade Code of Conduct.
Member you are lodging a complaint/grievance against *
Please give details of the offense(s)/incident(s) in question *
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