ECS Student Voice Survey - Secondary
This survey is being completed to support our school's efforts to serve all students well. Your responses are totally anonymous and the survey as a whole should take around ten minutes. Thank you for helping us by providing your open and honest feedback.
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What is your gender? *
Which of the following best describes you? *
What is your race?
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Are you on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)? *
Are you an English Language Learner? *
Social-Emotional Skills
Please identify how easy or difficult each of the following are for you.  
Knowing what my strengths are. * *
Knowing when my feelings are making it hard for me to focus. *
Knowing the emotions I feel *
Knowing ways to calm myself down *
Learning from people with different opinions than me. *
Knowing what people may be feeling from the look on their faces *
Knowing when someone needs help *
Getting through something even when I feel frustrated. *
Being patient even when I am really excited. *
Finishing tasks even if they are hard for me. *
Setting goals for myself *
Doing my school work even when I don't feel like it. *
Being prepared for tests *
Respecting a classmate's opinion during a disagreement. *
Getting along with my classmates *
Knowing what is right or wrong *
Thinking about what might happen before making a decision. *
Knowing how to get better at things that are hard for me at school. *
Knowing how my actions impact my classmates *
Thinking through the steps it will take to reach my goal *
Student Well-being
During the past week, how often did you feel _______? * *
Almost never
Once in a while
Many times
All the time
Belonging, Connection, Engagement - School
Please identify whether you agree or disagree with the following statements.
I feel accepted at this school for who I am *
I have the power to make a difference in how things are done at my school *
I care about other students at my school and want to see them succeed. *
I have at least one adult in this school I can go to for help *
I feel confident I can complete difficult school work if I don’t give up *
Belonging, Connection, Engagement - Classroom
Please answer the following questions based on your experience in *
none of my classes
less than half of my classes
more than half of my classes
all of my classes
I enjoy learning new things
When I need help, I ask for it in
I get what I need to be successful in
I have regular opportunities to choose topics that interest me in
What I am learning is relevant to who I am in
I express my opinions and preferences in
My teachers have high expectations for me in
I feel accepted for who I am in
I am cared for and treated with kindness in
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