Superintendent Search-Parent/Community Input
Granger Board of Trustees is seeking your input into the selection process of the next Superintendent of Granger ISD. We would like for you to answer these two questions so that we can build a superintendent profile and have a bank of questions to ask during the interview process. We would like for this process to be as collaborative as possible and value your input. So please take a little time and fill out our survey questions here for your feedback. The profile for our next Superintendent will be finalized at our January 13th school board meeting and will be used as the measuring document for selecting qualified candidates for interview. Thank you for your time and input on this very important task in selecting your next Superintendent of Schools for our school district.
What are two of the most important characteristic traits that you feel that the board of trustees should consider in building a characteristic profile for the next Superintendent of Schools for Granger ISD?
What is one question that you believe the board of trustees should ask during the interview process for the next Superintendent of Schools for Granger ISD
Open response for anything else you believe we should consider.
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