William Wyse Fieldwork Fund (Trinity College) Application form 2022-2023
The University of Cambridge William Wyse Fieldwork Fund application for Fieldwork Grants in Social Anthropology.  

This form should be submitted using the submit button at the bottom of this form by 5pm on 31 May or 10 October.

Two references (letters of recommendation) are needed to accompany this application.  These are usually provided by the student's research supervisor and one other qualified person. This form requires you to give the names and e-mail addresses of your referees. The letters of recommendation must be e-mailed directly from your referees to The Department of Social Anthropology Postgraduate Administrator (postgraduate@socanth.cam.ac.uk) by the closing dates stated above.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the letters of recommendation are received by the Postgraduate Administrator before the closing date and to inform their referees of the e-mail address to which they should be sent. Please complete this form with enough time for the form and references to be received before the closing date.

Grants are normally made for expenses over and above the ordinary maintenance grant.  The William Wyse Fund Managers will pay special attention to how economical, as well as realistic, the budget is. The form must be filled in using this Google Form.

All applicants for William Wyse Fieldwork Fund support must also apply to the SHSS Fieldwork Fund (administered by the Department of Social Anthropology) and, where eligible, the Smuts Fund (For the advancement of Commonwealth Studies in the University "...to  pursue studies in some part of the Commonwealth other than the student's country of Origin").  For more information about the Smuts Fund please their website: https://www.smuts.admin.cam.ac.uk/grants/research-grants-students.  

Please contact the Postgraduate Administrator if you experience any issues in completing this form (allow 7 working days before the closing date).  The e-mail address of the Postgraduate Administrator is:  postgraduate@socanth.cam.ac.uk)

Please provide your e-mail address so that you can be e-mailed a copy of your completed form.  You can provide a copy to your referees, if desired.
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Email *
1. Surname of applicant *
2. First name of applicant *
3. Name of supervisor *
4. Permanent address of applicant *
5. Local address of applicant (in Cambridge) *
6. E-mail address of applicant *
7. Date of birth (applicant) *
8. Nationality (applicant) *
9. College *
10. Brief details of academic record:  degree results and university *
11. Date of commencement of postgraduate programme in Cambridge *
12. Please indicate the postgraduate course you are on *
13. Funding support for each year of your postgraduate course. (Please provide as much detail as possible) *
14. What is the timetable for your fieldwork research, and what locations will you be in for which periods of time? *
15. Give details of the nature and purpose of your fieldwork [not more than 500 words] *
16. Budget:  Under the headings in a, b and c below please give a specific, detailed and itemised break-down of your known and estimated expenses
16. a)  Basic Maintenance and Accommodation (subsistence).  Please give basis of calculation and sub-total *
16. b)  Travel.  Itemise and justify types of transport envisaged and give sub-total *
16. c)  Other expenses directly attributable to fieldwork research:  extra maintenance, medical supplies, research assistance (if absolutely necessary), etc and give sub-total *
16. d) Total Research Expenses  (a) + (b) + (c) *
17. Income:  Under the headings in a, b, c and d below please provide the total estimated income for fieldwork period from sources OTHER THAN the William Wyse Fieldwork Fund.  Please give as much detail as possible.
17. a)  Grants received or promised from College (if none please write 'none') *
17. b) Grants received or promised from other sources including second-year studentship funding, and any supplementary funds available via your main studentship funder, if applicable (if none please write 'none') *
17. c) Applications for support to which no answer has yet been received (if none please write 'none' *
17. d) Other forms of support (if none please write 'none') *
18.  Amount still required *
19.  Amount requested from the William Wyse (Fieldwork) Fund *
20. Any further information the applicant may wish to submit.
21. Please paste in your CV *
22. Referee 1:  Please give full name and e-mail address *
23. Referee 2:  Please give full name and e-mail address *
24. Date of completion of this form *
25. Signature:  By checking this box I am confirming that all the information I have provided is accurate *
Thank you for completing this form.  Please only click 'Submit' below when you are ready to submit this form.
Please ask your referees to e-mail their references directly to the Postgraduate Administrator, Department of Social Anthropology (postgraduate@socanth.cam.ac.uk) by the closing date. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all  references are received by the closing date.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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