Special lecture 21.06.2021 - "Electromagnetic waves telling us the history of the Universe" (prof. Vincenzo Salzano, University of Szczecin)
The discussion forum aims to disseminate knowledge about the latest achievements in the field of space research and the evolution of the Universe, starting with simple observations of vibrational and wave motion on Earth. The Foucault pendulum motion will be discussed as evidence of the Earth's rotation and examples of wave motion along with the concept of a wave motion museum historically created by the patron of the Eureka Foundation.

The main topic of the forum will be a discussion of the benefits of astronomical observations based on data from telescopes using electromagnetic waves and new tools for exploring the cosmos, such as gravitational wave detectors (gravitational telescopes).

The main speaker will be prof. Vincenzo Salzano - an expert in the observation of electromagnetic waves in cosmology.

The Szczecin Cosmology Group: http://cosmo.usz.edu.pl/

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