ICROBOT Weekend Class Registration
Welcome to register a trial class and/or a program for your child(ren) (ages 2.9-10) at ICROBOT! Please select a program for your child(ren) based on their age. We provide LEGO robotics and coding programs to three age groups: Pre K (2.9-5YT), Pre K-K (4-6 YT), and School-age children (6-10 YT) at multiple locations, including Belmont, Watertown, Brookline,  Brighton, Braintree, etc. Each location will have different class schedules. Please selection a location and schedule that work best for your child(ren). We accept students through a rolling process (We will open a class when it reaches the minimum number of enrolled students).

Trial class: Free! 

Discounts are available: first-time student receive $20 off at registration; $20 off for each student in group registration (3 or more register together).

欢迎为您的孩子(2.9-10岁)注册ICROBOT的试听课和正式课程! 请根据您孩子9月份的年龄选择合适的试听课和正式课。我们为三个年龄段的少儿提供编程乐高机器人课程: 低幼儿(2.9-5岁),中幼儿(4-6岁),和少儿(6-10岁)。我们的上课场地分布在麻州的不同城镇,包括Belmont, Watertown, Brookline, Brighton, Braintree, Arlington, Malden等。每个上课点的上课时间不太一样,请填表时选择合适的上课地点和时间。我们采取滚动招生的方式,即当某个班的报名人数达到最低开班人数,即会立即开班。

优惠折扣: 首次报名减免$20, 团体(3名以上)报名每个学生优惠$20。

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