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Welcome to one of uOttawa's biggest Winter term events!

Please fill out this form to participate in the Case Competition Portion of the event. 

OLIH’s Global Entrepreneurship Case Competition is an hour and a half event from [ENTER TIME] on [ENTER DATE]. The event follows a hybrid model: participants upload their submissions, and the judges select the top three. Those selected will advance to the next stage, where they will present their ideas in person to our distinguished panel of judges.

The event concludes with the announcement of the winners, with prizes awarded as follows: 
- First Place: $150 and Champions Plaque
- Second Place: $75 
- Third Place: $50

Keep in mind:
- If you are participating in a team, all team members must fill this form out. 
- Signups are accepted until [ENTER DATE].
- The details of the case including the scope, rules, judging guidelines, resources to prepare and more will be released to competitors on [ENTER DATE].
- All material submissions such as Powerpoint Slides or other handouts must be submitted by [ENTER DATE AND TIME] to OLIH via the designated method (further details will come). 
- The teams that qualify to the next stage will be notified a few days before the final event. 

The Legal Innovation Hub’s Global Entrepreneurship Case Competition is a challenge for the greater good! This competition can be described as a legal entrepreneurial case competition, an event where experts get together for a short period of time to work together on a collaborative project. Several teams of students, or individuals, will compete to address a legal problem with the aim of finding innovative solutions and defying the traditional process of finding legal solutions.  

This event is open to all faculties at the University of Ottawa and is the perfect chance for you to spruce up your creative skills and come up with innovative solutions to the legal problem posed! Participants can sign up individually or in groups, with up to 4 members per group.

Please email uolihub@gmail.com with any questions or concerns

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