The 2017 Language Industry Survey – Trends, Expectations and Challenges in the European Translation Industry

This survey is a collaborative effort of Elia, EMT, EUATC, FIT Europe, GALA and LIND to capture the trends that are shaping today's language industry.

We thank FIT Europe, International Federation of Translators, for adding topics that are of particular importance to individual language professionals. With this addition, the survey now covers all major segments of the translation industry: professionals, language service companies (note: this survey uses the acronym LSC rather than LSP - language service provider - to mark the difference between companies and individual professionals) and academia.

As before, it should take no longer than 15 minutes of your time to complete the survey.

The results will be published by each participating organisation and will be presented at upcoming events.

Please be assured that this survey is completely anonymous and no personal details will be asked, stored or shared.

Thank you for participating in the Language Industry Survey.

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