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Fall League Sign Up Survey
You may still fill out the survey and will be considered on the waiting list, but may not be drafted. Contact a league organizer if you have questions about this.
League Inforomation
Fall League 2017 will take place from September 17, 2017 to December 3, 2017. Specific Dates:
9/17 Week 1 (Cancelled due to Irma & sectionals)
9/24 Week 2
10/1 Week 3
10/8 Week 4
10/15 Week 5
10/22 Week 6
10/29 Week 7
11/5 Week 8 (possible playoffs)
11/12 Week 9 (Playoffs)
11/19 Week 10 (Playoffs)

Depending on numbers and interest, we will have either one or two leagues.

Waiver: Ultimate is a field sport with inherent dangers that can result in injury and possibly death. With that in mind, if you choose to play, you must agree to not sue Mike Greathouse, Lyle Brenner, Alek Hartzog, any captains, fellow players or any other individual associated with league. You must also promise to not sue animals (especially dogs), the city of Gainesville, the State of Florida, the United States of America, or any member of the United Nations (not under sanctions). *
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Captaining a team *
Pairs: We try to discourage pairs. Players who are new or the parents of small children are guaranteed to pair. All other pair requests are subject to the whim of the captains. List who you want to pair with, and keep it to one person please. It will help your case if they want to pair with you as well.
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Anti-Pair: Not everyone gets along. To help make sure a team is happy, list who you would prefer not to play with. The reason doesn't matter. This will be seen by the captains and organizers, but will not be made known to the public.
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An ultimate question: The game is on the line, it's universe. Both teams have played well with no contention. You throw the disc and turn it but are lightly fouled (ticky-tack) in the process. The foul has nothing to do with the turn; it was just a bad throw. Do you call the foul and get the disc back or do you start playing defense? Explain why too. I'm really curious.
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Questions, Comments or Criticisms? Here's your chance!
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Note for everyone who has signed up or makes the deadline: Signing up and paying for league are two different things.

Signing up and not paying before the deadlines does not mean you pay the dues whenever and owe based on your sign up date. Dues are based on the day you pay.

The dues are currently 30/league or 60 for both (2 shirts, etc).

After 9/24 (next Sunday, the price goes to 35/70). Why? Because I'm gambling that you'll pay and play.

How to pay:

Venmo: or @gvilleultimate


Cash or check at the field: Include name in writing so I give you credit.

-Greathouse (Yes. Give the money to me.)

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