Fairwork Foundation Principles
Invitation to contribute to the development principles for fair platform work

There are now over seven million digital ‘platform workers’ that live all over the world, doing work that is outsourced via platforms or apps in the gig economy. Lacking the ability to collectively bargain, platform workers have little ability to negotiate wages and working conditions with their employers who are often on the other side of the world. To respond to that, we are building a ‘Fairwork Foundation’: an organisation designed to offer certification to platforms who achieve minimum standards. Doing so will hopefully raise working standards across the platform economy.

The Fairwork Foundation will be committed to highlighting best and worst practices in the emerging platform economy. Selected stakeholders, including governments, platform operators, unions and donors will be consulted to engage in a dialogue to establish the Foundation.

To collaboratively develop this project, we invite inputs from a diverse range of stakeholders about fair principles and standards that you or your organisation believe should apply in the platform economy. These inputs will be collated, discussed, and augmented at meetings with stakeholders representing workers, platforms, and policy makers at meetings in April at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development unctad.org and the International Labour Office ilo.org in Geneva.

Please help us shape the future of the platform economy with some responses to our prompts. This form will close on April 13th.

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