Fly Buy Friday Designer Application
Thank you for your interest in participating in Fly Buy Friday weekend sales!

What is Fly Buy Friday?
Fly Buy Friday is a weekly sales event driving customers to your Main Store every weekend for an amazing deal! Sales will start on Friday and continue through Sunday. Customers will receive a sales HUD every Friday via group notices, subscriber and marketplace and will see your brand and deal as soon as they put on the HUD! There is a limit of 16 stores per week that can participate. However, if all spots are taken that week, I will rotate in brands who didn't get a chance to participate the week prior. This way everyone gets a fair chance and opportunity to showcase their items to customers.

Our event is also being covered by Seraphim. They will have a link to our catalog every week sharing your sales with their readers.

Who can participate in Fly Buy Friday?
• This is a high quality sales event. ORIGINAL MESH ONLY.
• Have a good inventory of original items (15 Original Items, not recolors, separate meshes/products at least)
• Fitmesh Clothing, Hair, Furniture, Decor, Posemakers, Make up/Skin creators welcome to apply.
• Anything breaking Terms of Service will be removed immediately and will not be considered for future sales.
• You MUST have a store in world to participate. This is to drive customers to your main store.

■ Product Pricing - L$50 - L$100
- Please be prepared to put your item of choice on sale for L$50 - L$100.

■ Deadlines
- Deadline for submission forms and set up is every Thursday at 12:00 P.M. SLT.
- I will be checking locations to make sure that all is working and correct.
- Any submissions past Thursday at 12:00 P.M. SLT will not be accepted for the upcoming weekend.

■ Participation and Payment - First Come First Serve
Participation is on a first come first serve basis and will be done in the Payment Room. Every Sunday evening a notice will go out with the landmark letting you know when submissions are open. When you see the notice go out, teleport to the Payment Room and pay for the spot you want. Spots are limited and will go quickly so be fast!
**** If you get there and all spots are taken, there will be a box you can pay to be put on the waiting list for next weeks sales. This only applies to regular spots. Sponsorship is still first come first serve every Sunday *****

■ Sponsor Spots - Limited [4] - L$500.
- Front page priority and will be seen first.
- Requires new and exclusive design for the weekend sale (can be a recolor of an original mesh)
- Exclusive means not to be sold or offered anywhere else until after the sale :)

■ Regular Spots - Limited [12] - L$200
- Placement on the hud will go according to the box you paid for in the Payment Room.
- You can put any original item of yours on sale.
- Optional - You can also choose to do an exclusive design. If you do, it will be marked on the hud for customers to see. Again, exclusive items are not to be sold or offered anywhere else until after the event.

I look forward to going over your application! If you are accepted you will be contacted and given an invite to the group and provided with a welcome packet.

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