Singer Collaborative Assessment
Evaluate your vision and readiness to succeed as a singer with your Bestie (Someone who knows you well!)
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What style/genre best defines your music? *
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Who is your/their biggest musical influence? *
Who is your/their target audience? *
Do you/they prefer to work alone or with others? *
Do you/they write your own music? *
How often daily do you/they practice, write, or rehearse music? *
Is your/their voice vocally healthy? *
Are you/they currently making any money as a singer? *
Do you/they have different goals for the next 12 months than your/their current circumstances? *
Do you/they see a vocal coach regularly? *
Do you/they have a manager? *
Do you/they have an agent? *
Do you/they post weekly or more on social media to an account specifice to your/their music? *
Do you/they have audio or video recordings of your/their work? *
If you/they have an audition in 15 minutes from now... are you/they ready? *
Do you/they have 60 minutes of music ready if you/they have to do a concert tomorrow? *
Do your/their friends and family know that you/they want to be/are a professional singer? *
If you/they don't succeed as a singer in the near future will you fall back on PLAN B? *
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