Green Summer School: Politics, Environment, and Society. Estonia's application form.
The Green European Foundation (GEF), in cooperation with green youth organizers from the Baltic region organizes ”The Green Summer School: Politics, Environment, and Society” which will take place from the 28 to 30 June in Finland. The School aims at bringing together young people from Baltic regions interested in green politics, and providing them with an opportunity to learn about current issues of the European Union Green policy from the experts - politicians, academics and green activists from Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Russia. During 3 days, the participants will attend lectures, panel discussions, and workshops on political, environmental and social aspects of green politics, such as civil society and media involvement, human rights, minorities and diversity, renewable energy etc. As a result, the participants are expected to deepen their knowledge on green topics, and expand their green networks for future international cooperation.

You must be 18-30 years of age to apply and living in Estonia.

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