Petition: DMA Continuation Fees
Dear President Schapiro,

The Bienen School of Music provides all entering Doctor of Musical Arts students with full tuition funding and work stipend. However, this funding does not extend beyond the duration of coursework. Along with the costs of health insurance and living expenses, DMA students are also faced with high continuation fees. Moreover, these fees increase dramatically with each subsequent year of continuation ($1284/year-one; $2568/year-two; $3849/year-three; $5130/year-four; $6414/year-five). The fee for each year after coursework is determined by multiplying the year of continuation by the first year fee. These burdensome fees come at a time when DMA students should be focused on their musical and academic careers.

*Satisfactory Academic Progress*
The current continuation fee structure is incongruent with the Bienen Graduate Handbook, which provides a model for satisfactory academic progress towards completion of the DMA program. Based on this model, the continuation fee increases begin even before a student is expected to graduate.

*DMA Students as Teachers*
The School of Music benefits from DMAs who teach core undergraduate music courses throughout their continuation, yet burdens them with large fees. The first-year continuation fee is one-third of the salary for teaching a course for one quarter. By the third year of continuation, the annual fee is equal to the salary for teaching one course.

*Peer Institutions*
No other DMA program has a continuation fee structure which increases for each year of continuation. Of the accredited music schools in the United States, only Bienen School of Music, Yale School of Music, and Juilliard School provide full tuition funding to all of their DMA and PhD students. Bienen administrators have often pointed to this fact to claim that Bienen's DMA funding package is equivalent to those of Yale and Julliard. Yet this overlooks the fact that Bienen DMAs are charged an exorbitant continuation fee, while students at these peer institutions are not.

Many current and former DMA students have stories of how these fees presented a financial burden during a critical period in their academic and musical careers. Northwestern University Graduate Workers (NUGW-AFT-IFT) and the signatories of this petition call on Northwestern University and the Bienen School of Music to eliminate the inequitable DMA continuation fees.

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