Your favorite bookclub is coming to a city possibly near you! RBR has rented an Air B&B in Minneapolis from Thursday, December 28 through Thursday, January 4. Please answer a few quick questions for planning purposes. Please note: Any contributions to the Air B&B are appreciated, but not expected. Partial scholarships for airfare may be available upon request. Contact Sanho to learn more.
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I understand that I am not solely responsible for my own awesomeness and that my awesomeness can and will be used to bolster others' awesomeness when they are feeling proportionally less awesome. I will clearly communicate others' awesomeness,  and I will celebrate that awesomeness in whatever way is authentic to me. I hereby give myself permission to read, play, craft, sit, cook, eat, socialize, or not. This experience is equal parts cozy and fun. I am the master of my RBR destiny. I'll let event organizers know if I need something, and I will do my best to trust my friends to help when and how they're able. *
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