17th Iteration of Places & Spaces: Macroscope Submissions
Each entry must be submitted by March 15, 2021.

Interactive tools designed for desktop, mobile, touch-enabled, and/or large (e.g., tiled wall) devices are all welcome. To be incorporated into our exhibit kiosk, macroscopes must be 1) web-based, 2) touch-enabled, 3) allowed to run inside an iframe element, and HTTPS compatible. Macroscopes will be deployed on a 46” multi-touch display running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Chrome. Each macroscope should be fully functional for at least two years. Macroscopes that are deployed using other hardware may be possible. Please contact the curatorial team to discuss options. Macroscope teams should be available to work with the exhibit staff over a period of three months to prepare the macroscopes for public display and travel.
Title of Macroscope *
Macroscope Tool Description *
user group and needs served, data used, data analysis performed, visualization techniques applied, impacts, and main insights gained (300 words max)
Link to Macroscope *
Link to online site that features the macroscope tool or to executable code (github, etc.)
References *
References to relevant publications or online sites that should be cited, links to related projects or works.
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