Congregational Worship Re-Entry Survey
The following survey is to help us determine your comfort level with returning to sanctuary Worship once North Carolina coronavirus metrics significantly improve. Please understand our intent is to return to Worship in a way that ensures everyone’s safety. We will continue to act out of an abundance of caution and will likely be even more restrictive than North Carolina guidelines.

We very much appreciate your patience, understanding and prayers. We look forward to sharing Worship in our sanctuary together as soon as practical, but we will be cautious out of our love for everyone.

We thank you in advance for taking your time to complete this survey. Please know that it is anonymous (unless you provide your name in question 19).

When we do return to sanctuary Worship, you should expect the experience to be different. Some of the changes you will likely see include the following:

• “Directed” seating and other measures to facilitate social distancing.
• Temperature checks and/or self-certifications (you acknowledge you are not sick) regarding health questions prior to building entry.
• Use of a registry at the door upon entry.
• Instructions that masks shall be worn when entering the building
• Sanitation procedures will be visible, and stations and products will be prominent.
• Expect no live singing, either from the choirs or within the congregation. Music will likely be instrumental if live, with only pre-recorded music used for vocals.
• Changes to procedures for Communion and the Offering.

This survey includes questions with regard to your current feelings about returning to worship and a couple of other questions.
1. Have you participated in online worship at the Kirk during Covid-19 restriction?
2. As phases 2 and 3 of Governor Cooper’s three-part plan to safely reopen the state allow for face-to-face worship, which best describes your attitude to returning to an in-person worship service at church? Select one:
3. How likely are you to attend indoor worship in the sanctuary when groups of 50 are allowed if appropriate distancing were designated?
4. When in-person worship resumes, will you more likely attend in-person or online?
5. We want to know YOUR intentions (if there were no Kirk guidelines): What precautions, if any, would you plan to take when you return to in-person worship? Select all that apply:
6. What precautions do you expect our church to take for in-person worship/gatherings? Select all that apply:
7. Music is an important part of worship at the Kirk, but recent studies have shown that singing carries a particular danger of spreading Coronavirus. How do you feel about music as part of worship going forward? (Choose all that apply.)
8. Would you be willing to attend a worship service at a different time than you typically do to allow people to be more spread out in the sanctuary?
9. If you said “yes” to being willing to attend a service at a different time, what times would interest you?
10. If you volunteer, are you planning to continue to do so as soon as we re-enter for in-person worship?
11. Outdoor worship: How likely is it you would attend an outdoor worship service in the Fall?
12. When safe, would you be interested in joining a small group of around 10 people who would meet together to watch worship, discuss/pray together in a member’s home?
13. Communication: Which communication methods have been your PRIMARY sources of information and connection to the Kirk during Covid-19 restriction? (Check your top 3)
14. Giving: How would you describe any adjustments you’ve made to your giving during Covid-19 restriction? (Check all that apply)
15. How long have you been attending the Kirk? (Mark one) *
16. What is your age? (Mark one) *
17. Please add any other ideas or concerns that you have in regard to the possibility of returning to physical worship at the Kirk.
If you want to learn how to be a part of the tech team that provides the online experiences please email the church office ( to express interest.
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