Barnstable Executive Director of Special Education Survey
Your responses to the following questions will assist Barnstable Public Schools develop a perspective to guide in the selection of a new Executive Director of Special Education. Thank you for taking a few minutes to respond to the questions.

All input is anonymous and confidential and is for the sole use of Barnstable Public Schools. The survey will be available until April 18, 2018.

Who do you primarily represent? *
How important is each of the following areas of responsibility for the Executive Director? *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Very Important
Not at All Important
Using research-based practices in leadership role
Building a culture of openness, trust and respect with students, staff, board and community members
Is accountable, responsible and focused on what is best for students
Demonstrating strong decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution skills
Exhibiting sound financial knowledge
Displaying long-term vision allocating resources according to district goals
Recognizing the importance of academic and social/emotional learning
Working knowledge of Massachusetts and federal education laws
Demonstrating outstanding communication skills with students, staff, parents, community members and administration
Maintaining high ethical and legal standards
Improving the academic achievement of students
Please choose, by order of importance, the statements that most reflect the characteristics of an Executive Director. *
Establishes a culture of high expectations for staff and students
Understands and is sensitive to the needs of a diverse population
Demonstrates an understanding of educational research, evidence-based best practices, and implementation of strategies
Fosters a positive, professional climate of mutual trust and respect among staff, administration and parents
Supports and utilizes transparent communication with respect to confidentiality associated with individual students
Integrates personalized educational opportunities into instructional programs
Communicates and engages with parents and the community
Provides guidance for district-wide curriculum and instruction
What items do you think are important to consider in the selection of the next Executive Director? *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Very Important
Not at All Important
Prior experience as a special education teacher
Prior experience as a principal or building-level administrator
Prior experience as a central office administrator
Prior experience in a district of similar size and demographics
Demonstrated experience in school district financial management
Success in building partnerships and communicating with external organizations
Experience as a change agent
Please rate the following qualities by their importance level *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Very Important
Not at All Important
Strong communication skills
High energy level
Honesty and integrity
Open, accessible leadership style
Inclination to identify and tackle problems
Make and stand behind difficult decisions
Strong vision for educational excellence
Team-building skills
Willingness to be active and engaged in the community
Please rate the following skills by their importance level *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Very Important
Not at All Important
Uses multiple ways for communication with families and the community about special education issues
Identifies and uses a wide variety of resources to foster and strengthen school-family-community partnerships
Ensures equal access to educational opportunities for all students and families
Engages families and the community in understanding and supporting excellence in education so that all students can succeed
Advocates for equal access for all students and families
Understands the importance of collegial professional network of supports
Knows when to seek outside (neutral) supports, consultants, and evaluations of programs
Works effectively with legal supports provided by the district (either internal or contracted attorneys)
Experience in the development of and evaluation of effective programming for students with disabilities
What else do you think the district should consider in the selection of the next Executive Director?
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