Volunteering for WisCon/SF3 ConCom
Hi! Thank you for being interested in helping make WisCon happen!

***If you would like to sign up for volunteer shifts at WisCon 45 in 2022, please sign up for shifts at:  program.wiscon.net. To sign up for shifts, log in at program.wiscon.net, select the “Volunteer” tab, and click “Add shifts” on the right. This will bring up a list of all Volunteer shifts, organized by time; you can filter available shifts by role or by day.***

This survey is for people interested in helping out with the WisCon organizing committee—aka the ConCom—or with other committees within SF3 (WisCon's parent organization). A lot of the ConCom work comes in the months before the convention, but some are mostly during-con roles—though even those require some pre-WisCon communication.

This survey collects information we need to welcome you onto the ConCom, including what area(s) you might be interested in! After you finish the survey, you can expect to hear from our Personnel Committee with a welcome email and more information on attending the next ConCom meeting.

We ask that potential volunteers be aware of the following:
WisCon does not tolerate harassment in any form. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming, enjoyable, harassment-free convention experience for all individuals, regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, physical appearance, body size, age, origin, or religion. We do not tolerate racism in any form. Convention participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the convention without a refund at the discretion of the convention organizers.

Our anti-harassment policy can be found at: https://wiscon.net/policies/anti-harassment/code-of-conduct/.

We are guided by our Statement of Principles, which can be found here: http://wiscon.net/policies/principles/.

For your email address, please use the one you plan to use for WisCon volunteer work.
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What name would you like to use within the WisCon ConCom? *
What pronouns should we at WisCon use for you? *
We like to acknowledge our volunteers at the con. Are you okay being listed in the program, having your name read aloud, and/or posted online? Select as many as you are comfortable with. *
What committees or departments might you be interested in joining? Asterisks (*) indicate areas where we especially need help. You can tick no boxes, but at the end of the list there is also an "I'm not sure" option. *
Are you available pre-con, during the con, or both? Select all that apply. (Note that even primarily during-con roles require some coordination in the month leading up to the convention, or in some cases earlier.) *
Is there anything you'd like to tell us about your interests, your skills, or your past volunteer experience (at WisCon or at other conventions in particular) that might be relevant for matching you with volunteer roles?
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