CS107E Autumn 2021 Application
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If you could have one question answered about how a computer (hardware and/or software) works, what would it be? *
Please read this blog post. The author, Quinn Dunki, is an awesome engineer; her work inspired some of the CS107E assignments. What do you think? Don't be worried if you don't understand the technical content. A short answer is fine. http://quinndunki.com/blondihacks/?p=1347 *
What is a personal hack of yours -- inventive, simple solution that solved a hard problem -- that you are very proud of? *
Why are you interested in taking this course, CS107E, rather than CS107? *
Because this is a lab class, COVID-19 safety precautions may be a bit disruptive. We'll therefore need your help and patience and may need to change some logistics up on the fly. Are you up for it?
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