Consensus: Goals of Latin American Neurosurgery Residency Programs
1. What is the main form of revenue of your primary working hospital? *
2. Is your primary working hospital associated to a Research Center or University? *
3. How many years did your residency program last? *
4. Do you think the duration of your residency was enough? *
5. How long do you think a neurosurgical residency program should last? *
6. Did you received further education as a fellow? *
7. Do you think fellowships are necessary for adequate neurosurgical practice? *
8. Did you receive formal education abroad (fellowships, master/doctorate programs, etc) *
9. Do you think complimentary education abroad is an advantage for young neurosurgeons? *
10. Do you possess any non-medical degree? *
11. Do you think non-medical degrees are important in the current working environment? *
12. Do you currently have neurosurgery residents under your supervision? *
13. Do you have any kind of formal teaching education? *
14. Please rate the following topics according to their importance for education in neurosurgery *
Not important at all
Somewhat Important
Very important
Number of years of residency
Content of the residency program regardless of years
Rotations in other local hospitals
Rotations in hospitals abroad
Doing research during residency
15. Would you be interested in accepting foreign neurosurgery residents for observership? *
16. If the answer was “Yes”, Please provide your name, country, hospital, subspecialties for observership and mail for contact
Please inform us your name, country, hospital, subspecialties for observership and mail for contact
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