West Village Participant Application Summer 2021
*CUMEP ~ Community Unity Music Education Program
DAYS: Monday-Thursday
TIMES: 8:00am-12:00pm
AGES: 4-16 years {under 4 welcome w/ parent or older sibling}
CUMEP is a 16-day early morning adventure filled with music, dance, art lessons, instrument lessons, academic enrichment, & performance

CONTACT:: Dr. Nia Nunn Organization: Community Unity Music Education Program

*Climate Crusades Education
DAYS: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
TIMES: 12pm-2pm
Ages: 6-13 years
The Climate Crusades a program designed to inspire kids to become environmental superheroes in class and at home. Any science specific and hands on teaching.

CONTACT:: Harry Smith Organization: Black Hands Universal

*Climate Crusades Gardening
DAYS: Tuesday/Thursday
TIMES: 12pm-2pm
{all ages}
(W. Village/Chestnut Hill Apartments)
Participants will have hands-on experience in the community garden where each student will grow their own little piece of agricultural masterpieces. Here they will study and research their plants and observe the growth and development plants.

CONTACT:: Anthony Hayton Organization: Our Children's Future

****Free breakfast & lunch provided for all participants****
Please choose any & all of these free camp options that you are interested and available to commit to for the summer... *
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