Musician Streaming Survey
Have you recently done a live streaming event?

My name is Matt Jorgensen. I'm a drummer and I also teach Music Technology at Bellevue College. I'm conducting a survey about how musicians are adapting to the loss of gigs/income with the current Coronavirus quarantine.

All results will be anonymized. I will not share any personal information (names, emails, etc.) I would like to publish results about which platforms are used, response from fans, number of views, etc.

If you do multiple streamed events/concerts, it would be beneficial if you can submit results for each event.
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How many live streams (at the conclusion of the performance) did it receive?
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Did you solicit funds from your stream?
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Was the revenue you received equal to what you would have made, or typically make on a gig/performance?
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Was this amount more, less, or on par with what you were expecting?
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Do you plan on continuing live streaming of performances over the next 6 weeks?
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Once things have returned to "normal" ... I plan on incorporating live streaming into my future performances.
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