Road to Freedom Worksheet
Fill out this worksheet to find an extra 10-20 hours in your week. We'll send you a copy of your answers when you're done.
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Talk about your business
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If you (or an employee or contractor) disappeared tomorrow, what would happen to your business (or the company you work for)?
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Why did you start your business (or join the company you work for)?
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What are your goals and dreams for your business?
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Have these goals changed?
What are the Last 5 Problems you had to handle in your business?
Make a list of issues that keep coming up over and over again in your business.
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Your List of the Most Important Problems?
Which ones come up the most often and cause the most issues?
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What is your TOP priority issue of the ones listed above?
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Are you able to video/audio record your process(es)?
You can use a screencast (if you do tasks on a computer), use a camera to record, talk into the sound recording app on your cell phone, or have a friend/co-worker/family member record you with theirs.
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