Objectives and Action Items Survey
Big things are happening in the Downtown.
The City is creating a Downtown Development Plan to identify the short, medium and long-term Action Items needed to Renew Downtown Woodstock. The Development Plan will inform future decision making processes, and successive City Councils will rely on it to ensure future investments in the Downtown are well informed, justifiable, and part of a larger strategy.

Based on the feedback received to date, a series of draft Downtown Objectives and Action Items have been prepared. The goal of this survey is to collect public feedback on the Objectives and Action Items and to identify and prioritize the recommendations that are most important to those who live, work and play in Downtown Woodstock.
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Q1. Downtown Objectives
The following objectives provide high-level criteria to ensure new projects in the Downtown support the vision for renewal. All new public and private realm initiatives in the Downtown will be evaluated to ensure they achieve one or more of the objectives.
Please rank the objectives in order of importance (1 being most important, 7 being least important).
Create a uniquely Woodstock experience.
Provide vibrant shops and services on Dundas Street.
Attract more people to live and work in the Downtown.
Establish Museum Square as the heart of Downtown.
Support a vibrant and bustling nightlife.
Ensure safety and inclusivity for all.
Provide a year-round destination in the Downtown.
Are there additional Objectives that should be considered?
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Q2 - Action Items
A series of Action Items have been identified to achieve the Downtown Objectives and to address the issues identified to date. These items are wide ranging, and include policy and process amendments, additional staffing, building and streetscape projects, arts and culture initiatives, and additional studies.
Please review each of the Action Items below, and select the ones that you think are most important for renewing the Downtown.
If you have any comments on the Action Items above, please provide them here:
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