CEO 2020 Side Event Application
Hello potential CEO side tournament TO! Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Upon acceptance, a representative of CEO Gaming Inc. will reach out to you with information on how to set up your side tournament through our dedicated Page. While not 100% Guaranteed, we may have monitors available but please plan to provide your setups completely. We'll have the power, tables and chairs all ready for you to go.
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What game would you like to host a side event for? *
How much space for setups would you need for your event? (TOs for side events are expected to provide their own setups; monitors may be provided if available) *
Briefly describe any previous experience with CEO Gaming Inc. or running FGC events. *
What days are you willing to have your side event on? *
Please list your twitter handle for announcements and directing players. *
Are there any other managing partners to assist with your tournament? If so, please list them here. *
How much would you like to charge for entry and what is your ruleset? (Side event TOs are expected to manage their own payments and payout on-site, at the event) *
Please list any comments or questions you may have in relation to the event.
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