Call for Prep-Team: Summer Camp ,,It's Not Just A Transition: Youth in Rural Areas''
FYEG is looking for Prep-Team members for the Summer Camp ,,It's not Just a Transition: Youth in Rural Areas'' that will take place in Ireland from the 20th to the 25th of July 2020.

DEADLINE for applying: March, 19 @ Midnight CET.

We kindly ask you to fill in the form with required data. All information is strictly confidential and will be used only in the selection process for this preparatory team. Before submitting the form, please make sure all data is correct.
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Briefly explain why would you like to be part of the prep team? *
Which topics of the seminar are important to you? *
Tell us what part of your activist/political/educational work you are especially proud of? *
Briefly explain what is your experience in preparing international youth activities? Do you have any experiences with designing and facilitating workshops? *
Describe the skills you would bring to the prep team (knowledge, contacts, ideas etc.) *
Do you have any dietary and/or accessibility requirements (not a selection criteria)? Note: all food at FYEG events is vegetarian *
I am available for the prep-team meeting in Ireland on the (only one of these weekends will be chosen): *
Do you need a Visa to travel to Ireland? (NOT a selection criteria) *
I understand the responsibilities that belonging to the PT entails, and I hereby confirm I will be able to attend all in-person meetings as well as take active role in the whole activity, evaluation and follow up process afterwards. *
FYEG implements the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data provided through this form will be accessed by FYEG’s Executive Committee and Office.
It will only be used for matters related to this activity. A limited extent of this data (name, e-mail, country, role at the activity) can also be shared with other participants of the activity. Your data will be stored by FYEG for up to three months after the end of the project. By submitting personal data through this form, you consent to these conditions.

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