EPICS Fall 2017 Project Submission (General)
The EPICS Program is pleased to have the opportunity to provide our students with complex, real world design problems presented by clients and their organizations. This interaction not only strengthens each student's understanding of technical design and problem solving skills by dealing with a realistic over- or under-constrained problem, but also helps to develop skills such as communication and teamwork, that can be difficult to teach - but are of great importance.

If you have an idea for an EPICS project that meets our project guidelines, we would love to see your proposal! We are always accepting submissions. Please complete the form below to submit your project idea.

For more information, visit http://epics.mines.edu/Client-Responsibilities-for-EPICS-Projects or contact Cornerstone Design @ Mines at csm.epics@gmail.com (use subject "Project Submission 2017")

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Project Guidelines
The project must meet the following criteria, found in full at http://epics.mines.edu/Call-for-Project-Proposals.
1) Open-ended with multiple possible solutions.
2) Must be able to be represented through a physical prototype and graphics.
3) Suitable for a one-semester long EPICS 151 course.
4) Reflects a compelling real-world challenge.
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