Before 16 Grant Application
Disclaimer:  We desire to assist in the funding for every family the requests a grant.  The funds are dependent on creating an account with the hosting organization, filling out an application, and passing a background check.  In the event that a grant is awarded, the grant funds will be sent directly to the hosting organization and assigned to your account on the back end of the financial commitment.  Before 16 will confirm with the hosting organization the host child selection to ensure there are no irregularities or special concerns.  Special concerns include (but are not limited to), the child's availability for adoption, behavioral risks, dynamics that might create dysfunction in the host family, or circumstances that might inhibit a child from making the trip.
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Primary Contact Name and Age *
Primary Contact Full Address *
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Primary Contact Phone Number *
Primary Contact Email Address *
Spouse Name and Age *
Spouse Email Address *
Have you hosted before?  If so, please share details of when as well as how the experience(s) went *
Hosting Time Period *
Organization to host from *
Country you wish to host from *
Are you considering hosting siblings?
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What are your intentions towards adoption? *
Will you create a facebook group for others to follow the hosting experience? *
If so, we would like to be a part of the group
Will you attend Before 16 events in Madison? *
Events are scheduled 1 to 2 months in advance.  They are typically informal and designed to give hosting families the chance to connect.
Will you fill out a survey after the hosting about the experience? *
Will you share 5-10 photos of your family and host child from the hosting experience for Before 16 to use in an e-newsletter, facebook post, or our website? *
We would ask for the photos after the hosting experience.  We would following any rules set up by each hosting country.  We would not use without your consent.
Please provide information on the host child/children (Name/ID #/Age) *
Will you host if you don't receive a grant? *
Have you placed your deposit to host the child/children? *
Tell us about your family *
size, length of marriage, ages of children, dynamics, interests, vocations, etc
Amount Requested *
Our grants amounts vary, the amount requested may not be the amount approved.  Any grant amount would be sent to your account with the hosting organization.
Is there a grant amount that you feel you need in order to cover the hosting expenses? *
If you will host without a grant, simply put "no".  Question is geared toward families that are uncertain about hosting and may be considering hosting numerous siblings
We would like a photo of your family to share with the board during the grant review, and used for no other purpose.  Will you share a photo during the review process? *
A photo can be sent to our director:
Is there anything else you would like the Board to know before deciding on your grant request?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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