Garbage Rate Update
Due to inflation, G&H has had to raise their garbage rates. We have a few options that we would like to present to you. These are the current rates:
$28/month for the green residential can
$20/month for an additional can at the same location
$2 for a paper statement

Garbage has been an ongoing issue and will always be an issue. We hope to have a fenced area with a concrete pad for the rolloff to sit on some day. The Mayor and Town Council members have been working hard to plan for continued improvements to our town.
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We can increase the monthly rate from $28 to $30 per month and keep everything else the same.
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We can keep our rate at $28/month and get rid of the rolloff dumpster.
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Would you be interested in curbside recycling pick up if offered?
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If you have any other suggestions we are open to them!
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